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07/30/20American Building5 Floors25 Spaces18 Leases
10/28/19Central Plaza6 Floors30 Spaces25 Leases
05/15/20Available Inventory for American Building
03/10/20Encumbered Spaces for American Building
01/24/20Control Book for American Building
10/30/19Stacking Plan for American Building
10/28/19Building Profile for American Building
10/28/19Excaliber AssociatesAmerican Building - Suite 140
10/28/19Lomas InternationalAmerican Building - Suite 125
10/28/19Ted's TempsAmerican Building - Suite 300
10/28/19William George, MDAmerican Building - Suite 150
10/28/19Hair Is UsAmerican Building - Suite 190
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